Saturday, April 2, 2011

something pretty coming soon...

any day now...

Hope you all are having a beautiful weekend! Ours has been full of relaxing and pretty things... Today I had an early morning shoot at one of my favorite places in town... where my love and I got married actually! It was such a pretty morning... the air was a bit cool... spring birds were singing and the sky was incredibly blue. I love April in Florida... L O V E!!!

After my shoot I came home to my sweet family getting set for the beach... The little ones in their proudly mix matched clothes and bikini bottoms... wedgies... shoes on wrong feet... what a giggle to come home to... I love these funny girls.

We hit the beach and swam in the calm gulf... about 7 or 8 dolphin thought they would join us... they were so so close! We bumped into some sweet friends and played some frisbee... ate our bananas... and headed home to a family shower and some cozy clothes...

Then something beautiful caught my eye... our orchids BLOOMED! we have about 4 different orchids that are blooming just now and they all decided to greet us this weekend! I didn't pick up my camera the later part of the day so you'll have to wait to see these gems perhaps tomorrow! They are absolutely amazing!

Now for a funny movie and a late flounder dinner with my honey bunny while our sweeties are dreaming... crossing fingers they snooze until morning time... our jasmine vines are right outside their window so hopefully it will fill their dreams with sweetness!

Happy Weekend!

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