Sunday, April 3, 2011

movie night!

movie night!

about every other Friday night we like to have a special movie night for the girls... it's so cozy!

We don't let the girls watch TV or movies through the week only on movie night... Our oldest used to watch television here and there but then we noticed she got obsessed! She wanted this and that on the commercial... was cranky when the TV was on.. would not play! was a zombie to the television... wouldn't play with her little sister who is not interested in the television... I don't think she would even blink. Then we tried to limit it... to only one show a day... well after the 1/2 hour was up... there were meltdowns... tears... so a few years ago we said ENOUGH! NO TV except for movie night! and there hasn't been a bit of fuss since!
It's actually been quite fun! She loves to do crafts! Play make believe! entertain herself!
before when it was quiet time and she didn't feel like a nap we would put a show on so we could all take a break and be quiet...
well now that the TV is off her little mind is going...
it's really nice!

So through the week we talk about which movie we will choose... which snack and treat we will have. A lot of the times we pick up a movie from the library along with a stack of books! Sometimes Pappa will stream in a Swedish film from his childhood... Pippi Longstocking is a big hit! But this week the girls were quite excited to see Tangled!

We gather all the cozy pillows and feather blankets! bathe and then put on cozy clothes... get all of the lovies... pop some popcorn... pour our wine... and start the film!

usually about half way they conk out but it's quite nice to pile on the sofa and be so close and have fun treats!


  1. yay for movie night. my husband took the kids to see tangled at the theater so now i can't wait to get the movie so i can watch it with the kids-we might just get that for movie night this weekend! : )