Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a lagoon kind of day...

little pirates

one of our favorite places in our town to explore is the lagoons on Longboat Key! when we go we feel so happy... we feel it's a little piece of paradise that we are so lucky to experience!


not a care in the world... just need a bathing suit... an open heart and some light stepping! so many things to see... to explore! I grew up in this very town so I remember going to these same places... going with school... collecting creatures to look at and discover tides... sea life is beautiful... living by the sea is a life for me! How I feel so connected to nature feels fantastic! Teaching our girls an appreciation for nature... how to live green... how to step lightly... how we are all apart of one Earth... TOGETHER... it's beautiful!


One of my favorite thing at these lagoons are the heron birds and the little blue crabs and all the mangroves. We sit and watch and spy for creatures... listen to the tides coming in...

sweet pappa bear

I love this guy! I love how the girls find pretty flowers to put behind Pappa's ear...

lagoon trails

an apple a day

nature girls

this is the life...


the many many times I go to the beach or the bay and I still am always amazed by the beauty! I really takes my breath away... I never get spoiled or take it for granted... I appreciate the beauty in this nature and we teach our girls to do so as well...
I just cannot believe how clear and aqua the water is...

loves the sand

after the lagoon we stop at the beach for a little sand castle making and swim


at the shore...


  1. OMG They're sooo big!
    ~*Miss Marisol*~

  2. Where is this location? i'd LOVE to take my son here. i've never been to this part of Longboat. So gorgeous!! ; )

  3. Hi Jenny!
    It's just over the bride to LBK from St. Armands... and you park just to your right there is a tiny spot with maybe 5 spots... then you walk around close the under the bridge... there is a trail all around... it's BEAUTIFUL! you can see it a bit on top of the bridge... hope you find it... let me know if you do!