Friday, March 18, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Party!

through the looking glass

oh my oh my... what an amazing birthday party! our little Isabelle has been loving the story of Alice in Wonderland... she also loved the Johnny Depp film... so it was no surprise when she said she wanted a "wonderland" party! I was quite excited too!

some fun details... there is something so magical about this story... takes me back to my own childhood where I just LOVED the story as well!



Alice in Wonderland Party

We had SO SO SO much fun setting things so for the garden party! Isabelle got to set the linens out... tie ribbons.. put flowers out! I love how she loves to help... quite helpful!
but I know this setting looks a little like it took me weeks... but all it was, was borrowing tea cups/ pots... from my mother... fabrics... flowers... everything is so hodgepodgie and madhatterish which was a bit hard to let loose of a color theme... perfections... but that's just how our garden is... very whimsical and eclectic... and to me.. the madhatter tea party was a perfect theme for our not-so-perfect but in our eyes perfect... garden!

Madhatter Tea Party

for me... Alice in Wonderland... the new Tim Burton movie is a MUST see for ALL little girls!!! to start.. it's so magical and will lift everyone's hearts... but what stood out to me as an important film for little girls to see is it shows little girls that they can be adventure girls! in the film Alice did not want to get engaged... did not want to wear fru fru dresses... she wanted to be a strong woman.. back then it was a bit unheard of... maybe now too perhaps... but Alice is on the verge of becoming a woman and her heart is swaying toward adventure and a free spirit... not a happily ever after. In the end she sails the world... that's her HUGE defeat... not finding a prince. THIS is a happily ever after... don't you think so...

tea time

Birthday Girl

little Alice... Happy 5th Birthday Sweetie!
Uma made this beautiful dress for the birthday girl... look at all of the fun details... I love the different swatches of fabrics... looks truly like something Alice would wear... Isabelle LOVED it!

egg race

classic party games were played...

balloon race

that's some happy hair!

get it!

handmade pinata!

Uma & Umpa made this fantastic Cheshire Cat pinata for the party! all handmade!


Pappa Bear always makes his girl's birthday cakes... this year it was a Queen of Hearts strawberry cake with the White Queen on it! yummy! the 3 layered cake had vanilla custard, strawberries, and bananas inside with a gelatin & strawberry top!

special gifts

make a wish


little painter

playing a bit with her new sweet gifts..

what a day this was.. one I know she'll always remember

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  1. That is the most beautiful tea party! Your girls are beautiful. I have always said if I had a fourth child I would love it to be a red/strawberry haired little princess!

    Thanks for stopping by
    Rach xo