Saturday, March 12, 2011

what a morning...!

what a gift

a few more pics from waking up as a 5 year old...

good morning

paper and ribbons curled all over every which way..... the smiles and the squeals remind me of my own childhood... the wonder in their eyes is what I love to live for.....

breakfast in bed

it makes me laugh to see them both fit under this breakfast in bed tray... their little toes peeking out... I love that even though it's one's special day... the other wants to share it... share the happiness with their best friend.


Isabelle's day fell on a school day and she was very excited to do just that... to be the special girl at school... to share with her friends the news that she is FIVE! At her school when one has celebration day they get to do everything first! it's a big deal! they get to sit next to their teacher at circle time... get snack first.. get to choose which activity to play... it's a lot of fun... and the birthday girl was glowing! maybe I was too...


they get to hold the globe and circle the candle which represents the sun... so she has gone around the sun FIVE times...!

that's us

each time she circled we would pause and share photographs from that particular year and share stories of that year... it was a little tricky to remember but it was nice to reflect...


once they are done they blow out the candle.. the sun... and it is time for a healthy treat!



Uma came along too to wish Isabelle a happy day!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! What a treasure to have this story to show over the years...Thanks for sharing! ~Allison

  2. that was such a fun day!!!! glad you took pictures so everyone can see what a nice school she goes to!