Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring has Sprung in Florida!

my favorite nook

it is officially SPRING! it's just gorgeous out! THIS is why we LOVE to LIVE HERE!!!!! The birds are tweeting so many different songs! the air has a tiny breeze... there are fresh orange blossoms in the air... the skies are so blue and the trees are so green! most days are spent outside... ALL DAY!


to sit in our garden and have our heads back with a view like this as the children play... is so relaxing... how did I get so lucky!


we appreciate the simple things... that's what makes us so happy. We may not have a lot of things... but what we DO have we LOVE... and is HUGE to US! Our LOVE... our CHILDREN... and our sense of APPRECIATION for NATURE and BEAUTY fills our hearts with JOY JOY JOY! We love to take our time in life... eat long gorgeous meals... laugh until our bellies hurt... and sit back until the crickets come out and let us know it's getting close to bathtime... this is really what life is about... enjoying it... enjoying the spring is making my heart run over with happiness just now... what things are filling your hearts just now... I would love to hear...

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  1. colleen- i could not agree more! that is pretty much our philosophy as well. the little things are the biggest things of all and we try to appreciate them every day. we are waiting, not so patiently, for spring here in illinois!