Saturday, March 26, 2011

some crafting and a little coconut football!

coconut football

lately the weather has been just dreamy! makes us realize why we live here in paradise!

a little coconut football is so fun!



don'tcha just LOVE glitter! the sparkier the better! the way it shimmers and shines and gets lumpy when mixed with glue... puffs of glue with glitter stuck to your fingers... the more glitter the better!


a little fence climbing... I love how we let our children be children.. climb fences, play in mud, toss coconut footballs... it's the simple things that we remember... I was reading something the other day and it said... "looking back at your childhood and remember back... the most popular things that people have for a memory is being in the nature... being a KID!" first on the list was laying in the grass looking up at the cloud formations... then come climbing trees...

what is your favorite memory of being a kid??? why not do it again!

for me a memory of my childhood is playing in the mud... being covered up to my elbows in mud... barefoot! then rinsing off in the creek... building a boat with some junk us kids found... and finishing off climbing trees and swinging from branches to branches like monkeys... My wish for my children is to have this simple carefree life of being a kid... just as I had...

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  1. what a thoughtful post!

    my favorite was riding my bike around my neighborhood with my friends. we had a little bike gang thing going on! as an adult i bought a house just 2 streets from where i grew up so when we ride bikes around the neighborhood it brings back so many memories!

    i let my son kaiden(8yrs old)ride his bike a couple streets over by himself and i have no fear for him and he loves the adventure and freedom. but i feel so sad that his friends parents won't let them ride bikes farther than their driveway. riding together in a pack brings such confidence!

    anyhoo...thats my childhood memory!