Sunday, March 13, 2011

she's 5.....

birthday pic

my little baby is 5! as the day was approaching I felt that thud in my heart... that gulp that won't go away... that weepy feeling of ... how can this happen... so fast. I mean it does seem right... it has been a very FULL 5 years... but 5... really!?

Then the other night... two night before she turned 5... I decided to embrace our children growing up... push the sappiness aside and really let them be wildflowers... There is nothing I can do but enjoy this life... I cannot pause it... I cannot make them be 1 again... I have to let the days happen and be happy about them.

pluck pluck

This sweet sweet big girl was laying on my lap the other night... our stories were finished... the windows were open and the crickets were chirping.. the night air was coming in... I was stroking her back and of course that heavy heart feeling was taking over me... our youngest was falling asleep on Pappa bear... then as we were about to take our girls off to bed... She softly whispered up to me, "Mamma, can I stay here forever...?" of course... of course I said to her! we stayed there for long after that... the girls fell asleep in this perfect night... we just laid there noticing how long they were getting... and how fun it has been... and how fun it will be... this little golden life we have here!

This white dress in the first pic above is very special... every year on her actual birthday I take her picture in this very dress... it is my dress.. and one day will be hers... I think it will be fun to see how much she has grown through the years in this particular dress... already it has stopped puddling on the ground.

so I am embracing 5... more 5 year birthday pics coming soon!... an Alice in Wonderland party! stay tuned!


  1. Five is bittersweet for sure. Watching our children grow and blossom really brings such a strange mix of emotions. Oscar asked me the other night if I wished he would stay six forever and I told him no, because I am so excited for all he is experiencing and learning but that I wish I could go visit him and all of his brothers at every stage! Pablo just turned eleven and it feels like he was just two the other day. How fast it all goes! Good for you for embracing five~ even if the tears still flow! :)

  2. Your daughter is beautiful, I love all their dresses...Where do you get them?

  3. my mother has a website for children and mammas... it's so cute! check it out...