Wednesday, March 16, 2011

put put...

so close

what fun to play put put (mini) golf! it was seriously one of those magical days, that when we left my cheeks hurt from laughing so much! and I was so happy that this magical day happened to be on our little girl's birthday!

put put

hockey swing

I mean look at that tongue... such concentration!

chomp chomp

of course there were alligators at the pirate themed mini golf place!

pirate knot

i can do it myself

our youngest is quite the big girl now... has to do everything herself... no helping! climbing big steps... putting on shoes and clothes... washing her hair...


a nice breeze makes the palms rustle so nice... when the breezes start getting crazy the pounding of the palms feels amazing!

so happy

this is one happy birthday girl!

birthday jam

a little birthday jam for her big sister...

Happy Birthday to you


sweet day... love my sweet family

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