Wednesday, March 23, 2011

market day...

ready to go

a day at the market is one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday... especially springtime in Florida...



all the farmers bring the most amazing vegetables and fruits... there are plants, honeys, flowers... it's a feast for your senses and I truly love to feast! I love to run my hands over the soft tomatoes... smell the leaves of the basil... sneak a grape... test the citrus... say hello to friends and families and dogs we recognize... it's a beautiful day for all!

that face

we let our girls pick out things to try... the bright colors of all the vegetables is hard to resist! they feel quite proud when they pick out something... and they love to try most things... especially the berries.

we love to take our purchases and find a tree to sit under and indulge! This pepper that I sliced into was so juicy and perfect we ate the entire thing like an apple! almost wanted to eat the stem! It was so red that it stained the girls clothes but I don't mind a little red pepper stain... it adds character!

a delicious surprise

best of all was the baby green surprise inside! made us all giggle!

loves her croissants

we can never resist a stop at our favorite French Cafe... they make the most amazing pastries!


just outside of our town's toystore was this adorable band playing! check out the guitars made of cereal boxes!!! wow... they sounded amazing!

so yes, spring is here and we are truly feeling so happy to be out in this weather! the days are hot with a cool breeze... nights you need a sweater... the trees are covered with little spring green leaves and beautiful flowers... I feel so happy!


  1. Great photos , as always! I love that band~ how cute.

  2. Just perfect! We are blessed with a beautiful market, beautiful weather, and so much fun stuff here. Your images are truly fabulous.