Saturday, March 26, 2011

laid back spring break...

an afternoon break

we have been on spring break this week... long days of sitting in the garden... sipping smoothies.. making gorgeous dinners with LOTS of cheese... and mostly being with each other.

i heart cheese

recharging batteries is a MUST! everyone needs a vacation... you don't have to go anywhere ... just be.
I think the best way for my body to recharge is with the sun... growing up in Florida my heart goes to the sun. Just an hour at the beach or in the garden letting the sun warm my body is the best remedy for vacation recharge! we also have been eating well... lots of fruits... each morning I have been eating only fruit... chopped apples, bananas, berries... I feel so alive! so energized! I also have been trying to wake early and go for a run! that feels really good! makes me so happy when I feel healthy!


lemon and thyme tea... we are in pollen season in Florida just now... it makes our throats sometimes a bit scratchy... but this tea really helps... taste yummy too!

dollhouse play

there has been a lot of dollhouse play as well during the long days at home. lots of little conversations with the little girls... it's so cute to lay reading a book listening to their little stories...

sand art


don't you love eating lunches at home... we do

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  1. You are so right about the sun. I never really thought about it until we moved to Western OR two years ago and now, with the dreary / rainy winters, I am really aware of trying to soak it up whenever it's out... and how just it's presence makes me feel better.
    Lovely photos, too! :)