Tuesday, March 29, 2011

fun surprise!

girls day treats from Hawaii

since some of our very BEST friends have moved allllll the way to Hawaii... weep weep weep... we look forward to fun surprises in the mailbox!

our families are very close and our children have grown up together so our little ones send little notes and fun packages... it's such a sweet surprise!

The other day a fun package came for our oldest Isabelle's birthday... There were fun shells... a fancy skirt... notes... but for the Japanese Girl's Day they sent these amazing little treats! They were delicious Japanese candy puffs and were so nice! not BRIGHT colored... or artificial... instead they were papaya, strawberry, leeche, lemon... oooh so tasty!


our girls LOVED these puffy sweet treats! (and so did mamma and pappa)

I think perhaps we will put together something fun to put in the mail this week... I am a big fan of the old art form of writing letters!
When I was in school I had several different pen pals... it was such a treat to help get the mail... different looking stamps... special hand writings... learning about the different states and countries. It really ties us all together... the sweetness of a letter keeps people grounded and close with their feelings for them... at least in my humble opinion. I know the world is full of facebook and emails but to just sit down and write a letter feels wonderful.
what kind of surprises do you like to get in the mail... do you still write letters?

I had a special pen pal in high school from Germany and actually we are still pen pals... when my husband and I went backpacking in Europe one year we made a plan to stay with her and her boyfriend. It was amazing... after so many years of communicating through letters to actually talk in person was unreal! I have saved all of her letters and envelopes. Yes, I do also like the envelopes. Something about the way the stamp is stamped... all over there are different symbols, dates, inks. It's just beautiful. I have a shelf in my craft closet with nothing but paper, stickers, pens, stamps... when I feel the need to write to someone I love... I take down the boxes... find the right paper and pen... and let my heart pour onto the paper. My favorite pens are fountain pens... the ink flows perfectly! I think tomorrow a letter will be written...

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