Wednesday, March 9, 2011

birthday morning...

birthday breakfast

birthday mornings at our home are full of whispers... pitter patters... scamperings... hurries... then a deep breath and we sing! I love our tradition... We do birthday mornings like they do it over in Sweden where Pappa bear is from... we make a nice breakfast while the birthday girl is fast asleep... or pretending... while we pluck flowers for the tray... find all the cards and gifts that have come from all over... find a special pretty napkin... light a candle... and then all of the family softly opens the birthday girl's door and begins to sing to her the Swedish birthday song. She wakes with a happy smile and and gets to open her special birthday presents..

Pappa Bear plucking flowers for his girl...

such nice flowers just now in our garden... my favorite geraniums!

birthday card

I made this sweet card for her with drawings of special things she did during her year... a way of reflecting and perhaps thinking of what she will do in her 5th year... she loved it... looked at each and every drawing and could figure out each one... and remember...

Happy Birthday Sister!

the happiest part to me of course... is these sweet girls... the love they have for each other...melts my heart! Isabelle just thinks her little sister is adorable and often says... "awe, Cecilia, you're such a cutie.." and little Cecilia just thinks the world of her big sister! love them!


  1. ahhh heartwarming would be an understatement..
    I love everything about this!
    What a beautiful and special tradition.

  2. and...I just love your blog and all your photography. I love the Swedish element to it and all the beauty it brings to an already gorgeous photo. (not to mention how totally adorable your children are!) I am longing to visit Sweden..but I dont think I would ever come back!!!!!

  3. That last picture is priceless! i love your tradition - we have one very similar! Its all about that first waking moment being surrounded with love. Happy birthday beautiful Isabelle!