Tuesday, March 29, 2011

fun surprise!

girls day treats from Hawaii

since some of our very BEST friends have moved allllll the way to Hawaii... weep weep weep... we look forward to fun surprises in the mailbox!

our families are very close and our children have grown up together so our little ones send little notes and fun packages... it's such a sweet surprise!

The other day a fun package came for our oldest Isabelle's birthday... There were fun shells... a fancy skirt... notes... but for the Japanese Girl's Day they sent these amazing little treats! They were delicious Japanese candy puffs and were so nice! not BRIGHT colored... or artificial... instead they were papaya, strawberry, leeche, lemon... oooh so tasty!


our girls LOVED these puffy sweet treats! (and so did mamma and pappa)

I think perhaps we will put together something fun to put in the mail this week... I am a big fan of the old art form of writing letters!
When I was in school I had several different pen pals... it was such a treat to help get the mail... different looking stamps... special hand writings... learning about the different states and countries. It really ties us all together... the sweetness of a letter keeps people grounded and close with their feelings for them... at least in my humble opinion. I know the world is full of facebook and emails but to just sit down and write a letter feels wonderful.
what kind of surprises do you like to get in the mail... do you still write letters?

I had a special pen pal in high school from Germany and actually we are still pen pals... when my husband and I went backpacking in Europe one year we made a plan to stay with her and her boyfriend. It was amazing... after so many years of communicating through letters to actually talk in person was unreal! I have saved all of her letters and envelopes. Yes, I do also like the envelopes. Something about the way the stamp is stamped... all over there are different symbols, dates, inks. It's just beautiful. I have a shelf in my craft closet with nothing but paper, stickers, pens, stamps... when I feel the need to write to someone I love... I take down the boxes... find the right paper and pen... and let my heart pour onto the paper. My favorite pens are fountain pens... the ink flows perfectly! I think tomorrow a letter will be written...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

laid back spring break...

an afternoon break

we have been on spring break this week... long days of sitting in the garden... sipping smoothies.. making gorgeous dinners with LOTS of cheese... and mostly being with each other.

i heart cheese

recharging batteries is a MUST! everyone needs a vacation... you don't have to go anywhere ... just be.
I think the best way for my body to recharge is with the sun... growing up in Florida my heart goes to the sun. Just an hour at the beach or in the garden letting the sun warm my body is the best remedy for vacation recharge! we also have been eating well... lots of fruits... each morning I have been eating only fruit... chopped apples, bananas, berries... I feel so alive! so energized! I also have been trying to wake early and go for a run! that feels really good! makes me so happy when I feel healthy!


lemon and thyme tea... we are in pollen season in Florida just now... it makes our throats sometimes a bit scratchy... but this tea really helps... taste yummy too!

dollhouse play

there has been a lot of dollhouse play as well during the long days at home. lots of little conversations with the little girls... it's so cute to lay reading a book listening to their little stories...

sand art


don't you love eating lunches at home... we do

some crafting and a little coconut football!

coconut football

lately the weather has been just dreamy! makes us realize why we live here in paradise!

a little coconut football is so fun!



don'tcha just LOVE glitter! the sparkier the better! the way it shimmers and shines and gets lumpy when mixed with glue... puffs of glue with glitter stuck to your fingers... the more glitter the better!


a little fence climbing... I love how we let our children be children.. climb fences, play in mud, toss coconut footballs... it's the simple things that we remember... I was reading something the other day and it said... "looking back at your childhood and remember back... the most popular things that people have for a memory is being in the nature... being a KID!" first on the list was laying in the grass looking up at the cloud formations... then come climbing trees...

what is your favorite memory of being a kid??? why not do it again!

for me a memory of my childhood is playing in the mud... being covered up to my elbows in mud... barefoot! then rinsing off in the creek... building a boat with some junk us kids found... and finishing off climbing trees and swinging from branches to branches like monkeys... My wish for my children is to have this simple carefree life of being a kid... just as I had...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

market day...

ready to go

a day at the market is one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday... especially springtime in Florida...



all the farmers bring the most amazing vegetables and fruits... there are plants, honeys, flowers... it's a feast for your senses and I truly love to feast! I love to run my hands over the soft tomatoes... smell the leaves of the basil... sneak a grape... test the citrus... say hello to friends and families and dogs we recognize... it's a beautiful day for all!

that face

we let our girls pick out things to try... the bright colors of all the vegetables is hard to resist! they feel quite proud when they pick out something... and they love to try most things... especially the berries.

we love to take our purchases and find a tree to sit under and indulge! This pepper that I sliced into was so juicy and perfect we ate the entire thing like an apple! almost wanted to eat the stem! It was so red that it stained the girls clothes but I don't mind a little red pepper stain... it adds character!

a delicious surprise

best of all was the baby green surprise inside! made us all giggle!

loves her croissants

we can never resist a stop at our favorite French Cafe... they make the most amazing pastries!


just outside of our town's toystore was this adorable band playing! check out the guitars made of cereal boxes!!! wow... they sounded amazing!

so yes, spring is here and we are truly feeling so happy to be out in this weather! the days are hot with a cool breeze... nights you need a sweater... the trees are covered with little spring green leaves and beautiful flowers... I feel so happy!

a gold hunt...


a tad late on posting... life has been busy... but I do promise to keep up with this fun space... it clears my mind and helps me appreciate all the littles in my life...

St. Patrick's Day


Miss. Ashley hosted a "Gold Hunt" in her backyard for St. Patty's Day... it was so much fun! hunting for gold was a BLAST! The leprechans came and hid bunches and bunches of gold for the children to hunt for... it was so cute!

St. Patrick's Day Party

lots of green treats

hunting for gold

lots of little leprechans!

Monday, March 21, 2011

easy evenings...


this is one of our favorite ways to spend the evenings... feet up... bellies full of good food... wine... and eyes on our silly little girls... happy laughs... smiles.. giggles!


they love to dress up... dance... play music... twirl..
we could sit here for hours... and so they could play



love that little ruffle butt!


Pappa Bear's little girls can talk him pretty much in to anything... and that is why I love him so...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Party!

through the looking glass

oh my oh my... what an amazing birthday party! our little Isabelle has been loving the story of Alice in Wonderland... she also loved the Johnny Depp film... so it was no surprise when she said she wanted a "wonderland" party! I was quite excited too!

some fun details... there is something so magical about this story... takes me back to my own childhood where I just LOVED the story as well!



Alice in Wonderland Party

We had SO SO SO much fun setting things so for the garden party! Isabelle got to set the linens out... tie ribbons.. put flowers out! I love how she loves to help... quite helpful!
but I know this setting looks a little like it took me weeks... but all it was, was borrowing tea cups/ pots... from my mother... fabrics... flowers... everything is so hodgepodgie and madhatterish which was a bit hard to let loose of a color theme... perfections... but that's just how our garden is... very whimsical and eclectic... and to me.. the madhatter tea party was a perfect theme for our not-so-perfect but in our eyes perfect... garden!

Madhatter Tea Party

for me... Alice in Wonderland... the new Tim Burton movie is a MUST see for ALL little girls!!! to start.. it's so magical and will lift everyone's hearts... but what stood out to me as an important film for little girls to see is it shows little girls that they can be adventure girls! in the film Alice did not want to get engaged... did not want to wear fru fru dresses... she wanted to be a strong woman.. back then it was a bit unheard of... maybe now too perhaps... but Alice is on the verge of becoming a woman and her heart is swaying toward adventure and a free spirit... not a happily ever after. In the end she sails the world... that's her HUGE defeat... not finding a prince. THIS is a happily ever after... don't you think so...

tea time

Birthday Girl

little Alice... Happy 5th Birthday Sweetie!
Uma made this beautiful dress for the birthday girl... look at all of the fun details... I love the different swatches of fabrics... looks truly like something Alice would wear... Isabelle LOVED it!

egg race

classic party games were played...

balloon race

that's some happy hair!

get it!

handmade pinata!

Uma & Umpa made this fantastic Cheshire Cat pinata for the party! all handmade!


Pappa Bear always makes his girl's birthday cakes... this year it was a Queen of Hearts strawberry cake with the White Queen on it! yummy! the 3 layered cake had vanilla custard, strawberries, and bananas inside with a gelatin & strawberry top!

special gifts

make a wish


little painter

playing a bit with her new sweet gifts..

what a day this was.. one I know she'll always remember

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

put put...

so close

what fun to play put put (mini) golf! it was seriously one of those magical days, that when we left my cheeks hurt from laughing so much! and I was so happy that this magical day happened to be on our little girl's birthday!

put put

hockey swing

I mean look at that tongue... such concentration!

chomp chomp

of course there were alligators at the pirate themed mini golf place!

pirate knot

i can do it myself

our youngest is quite the big girl now... has to do everything herself... no helping! climbing big steps... putting on shoes and clothes... washing her hair...


a nice breeze makes the palms rustle so nice... when the breezes start getting crazy the pounding of the palms feels amazing!

so happy

this is one happy birthday girl!

birthday jam

a little birthday jam for her big sister...

Happy Birthday to you


sweet day... love my sweet family