Thursday, November 4, 2010

sweet lovely jasmine... how I love you!


this is seriously my absolute favorite smell in the world... I cannot photograph scents and that is so frustrating... because I want to share this scent with all of you... I want to bottle it up and make a perfume... make a bath oil... I just want to smell this scent every day forever... but then would it be so special... I think not. so to that... I long for the two times per year my sweet jasmine flowers bloom in our garden it's such a happy day... the blooms ONLY last at the most 1 week... in that week... you may find me sitting under their blooms taking in every last smell... taking it in completely... my girls have me lift them to the blossoms... we each hmmm and smile and almost eat the blossoms up they are JUST THAT SWEET!!! not even kidding! :-) we pluck blooms every night after baths as we're turning in... we place them by our bedside tables and smell their scents all night long.... poor Pappa actually thinks the blossoms are even toooo sweet and although likes the smell but prefers the blossoms at his girl's bedside tables instead of his... had to share a little pic of my sweet lovelies that I adore so so much.... mmmmmmm night night!


  1. That's how I am with lilacs. I cannot get enough of them. I had to prune our lovely old one behind the compost heap this year due to it having some rot so I hope it will be happier and healthier this spring.

  2. you captured the scent so beautifully with your words, i truly can smell it from here! beautiful.