Sunday, August 29, 2010

a really sweet Pappa.......


nothing like watching a grown man that I like to call my husband playing ever so sweetly with his daughters..... a Pappa with his girls... it just seriously melts me heart to a bowl of hot cocoa.... I love it so much and know just how lucky I am. The girls make him get their fairy costumes out.... he has to carry the wands... sometimes they even make him dress in all of the dress up attire (don't tell him I said that...) ... it's adorable... one day I must try not to ruin the moment but I have to grab a pic of at least them playing tea party! truly a sweet sight! I love that he doesn't question it he just puts on the pretty bracelet knowing that the girls are so very happy to see it on him. I found great guy for sure.....


  1. That is just is so good to see a good dad in action. He may blush about it now but will reap the benefits in years to come when they consider him a friend in times of trouble and trust him enough to respect his "no". Truly awesome to see.