Sunday, August 1, 2010

my little Poppy!


our little poppy... this was really something... we were out on a hike and out of no where this gorgeous field of poppies appeared... our little cutie walked over with her hands spread... like she was saying hello to the flowers... she just got such a kick out of these happy little flowers...! sweetie


she melts my heart so much... it's sweet when comes your second child... you remember how fast it really goes... she reminds me every day to take everything and I mean everything in.... from the laughs to the tears to the mamma mamma mammas... I can never get enough....!


  1. I love that first shot. AMAZING! You must frame that one. I also totally relate to your sentiment on the second little one. It is amazing how different it feels... I am so reluctant to let mine grow up... sniff, sniff!