Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a little bit of what I do....


I don't think I have really talked much about my job on this lovely little blog here.... well... I am a photographer and my husband and I have a photography studio... I spend my days balancing life with a family as well as life with a business and I love it so very much! some days I feel like I might possibly lose my mind... the to-do lists pile so high that they fill every edge of my pretty pink paper... but the joy of checking off lists and crumbling up the pretty pink paper and putting my feet up high on my desk... that's the best!

I try not to mix up business and family... I try not to work when I have family time... and focus really hard when I am working so that when I am done I can focus really hard on playing with our girls! when we have family time we are not aloud to talk about work! no answering calls! when we have family days all of us together it's all family... no working! We have to be strict with this or else it just would crumble... and so would my heart! all of my stories on my blog are family... that is why I hardly ever bring up that I am a photographer... it wouldn't make sense... really.


we both run our business... I do most of the shooting and my husband works with lighting sometimes and designs our albums, stationary, and our advertisements and marketing material! he's great! he also does most of the billing, accounting, and mostly everything that makes my head hurt! (I love you Mattias :-) )


on days when I have a photoshoot... if I do not need him as my assistant... he is home playing hide & seek with our sweet girls... taking them to the park while I am editing photographs... it's a great balance! on days when he needs to work uninterrupted I take the girls to the library, botanical gardens... off to the city we go... on days when we both need to work.. weddings, large intense shoots, meetings, brainstorming days, photography workshops... my parents watch our girls... our oldest girlie also goes to preschool 2-3 days per week.


these photographs are of a wedding we shot together at our town's Ritz Carlton hotel... it is so much fun to work together and I feel so happy!!!

I have not been blogging lately because we have just returned from our trip to Sweden... since we have gotten back we have been trying so hard to move into our BRAND NEW STUDIO!!!! We are moving our business out of the home and to downtown Sarasota... just a few minutes away in Historical Burns Square! We cannot believe our dream is coming true! pinch me!!!

I know a lot of you have been curious to what we use for equipment etc... I use only Nikon cameras... mostly for my blog pics I use my Nikon D700 and mostly use my 50mm 1.4 I love this lens so much!!! we also use our 70-200 but mostly for weddings and portraits... day to day pics.. I hardly use lighting... basically because I love natural light and also kiddos are crazy fast and I think it takes away from them... so I bump up the ISO and it's just perfect! We plan to have workshops in the future but love to answer questions that any of you may have... feel free to ask awayyyy....

Here is a link to our website and our blog...
I may let you know here and there on this blog about business things but mostly I like to keep this lovely blog to just family... it calms me and I love to just look back at all of the things we did as a family... maybe I will put a link on this blog to our website blog... put it on the list... :-)


  1. AH-HA!!! That explains a LOT! I am always in total awe of your fabulous photos. You are amazing (AMAZING) at what you do. I wish I lived closer to attend a workshop. boo!

  2. thank you so very much Brooke! sweet of you!