Friday, July 9, 2010


it always amazes me just how much people in Sweden enjoy nature... It's so very inspiring...
Once the sun is high and the skies are blue it's like you can feel their hearts so glad... There are so many people outdoors... riding bikes everywhere with their shirts tucked down to avoid tan lines... every park bench is taken with people sitting eyes closed and facing the sun... it's warming to see really. I must say it is very hot just now... all of the windows are wide open without any screens... the bees are buzzing in to say hello... you can hear the children laughing outside your window as you fall asleep in the chilly night air

in the summertime every house you pass people are gathered drinking coffee... having pastries... eating dinner... every meal is eaten outside.. You pass by people walking to friend's homes with a nice flower in their hand to give... maybe something they made

Picnics are so popular... so many styles of outdoor eating... from sitting by a lake, to the side of the country road, to the backyard... all it takes is a basket, a big blanket, some sandwiches and coffee, and some hungry happy bellies

The thing that always makes me so happy is sitting in the garden having our own dinner and being able to hear all the neighbors through the fences enjoying their dinners as well... all of them... eating together as families... as friends... as lovers... as people together breaking bread and taking their time enjoying the food and each other and the heat... it's a beautiful thing


our little cutie enjoying the summer in Sweden... her new nap spot... a good one, don't you think... :-)


  1. sweet! I think it's a great nap spot!!

  2. such a gorgeous photo. hope you enjoy your travels. how lovely. xo m.