Thursday, July 15, 2010

for laughs & smiles...

this was really one of those funny moments that I know in 10 years we will still be giggling until our cheeks hurt over this one...


it was just before dinner time and in our home that hour is the witching hour... girls are usually so antsy to eat and can hardly stand the anticipation so we usually keep them busy... have them helping... give them a job... if all else fails... hope they play, color, run... for crying out loud why does the sauce take so flipping long to boil!!!

so this day as we waited it was an easy afternoon... calm and fun... just low key playing while dinner was almost ready... I was reading a book... some were talking... but why oh why is it... us Mammas.. even though we are enjoying a book, having a bubble bath, painting our toes... we can still hear our little ones with that other ear of ours... it's like while our children are around we are always focused on them even if just half there... but completely... it's a beautiful thing to me.....

so I could hear with my one ear... giggle giggle from Isabelle (4) "Cecilia (1 1/2) what do you have in your mouth??" that's always a phrase that gets our hearts leaping.... but this time before I could leap... I began to laugh so hard and so did everyone else... "awwwee.. Cecilia, you have a snail in your mouth..." "you can't eat a snail..." eeeeks... yes, Cecilia really did have a whole LIVE snail in her silly mouth...! hilarious, yes she is! we laughed and laughed and then the girls played with the little frightened creature as they waited for the food to be ready... lovely funny moment indeed!


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  1. look at the look on her face....... she is not a girly girl! love that picture of her.