Tuesday, May 18, 2010

natural fun...

this is our "secret beach"... some of you locals I'm sure know where this is... but don't tell any tourists... it's for us locals ONLY!

This is "Shell Beach" a nice quiet deserted island type beach! Our girls LOVE it here! They love that there are trees to climb, shells to collect, trails to explore, and lots of things to play pirate with... I love it because... well it's just plain beautiful!


the girls sit on the shore ... sharing secrets.. enjoying the view... and warming their little shoulders with sweet sunshine...



finding little critters, exploring the nature, and learning a bit is a perfect day... here Pappa found a little sea urchin.. it was so cute and the girls loved to have the little guy crawl on their hands...


we never ever bring plastic buckets or shovels when we come here... instead the girls use their imaginations... it actually ends up being great... we don't have to remember anything but bikinis and towels and some H2O... that's it!

-sea grape leaves make fabulous water carriers
-big shells are the best shovels ever
-the little shells are perfect for decorating trees and castles
-coconuts are perfect for tossing and playing catch with
-coquinna shells are the sweetest shells for covering little toes


the best laundry line ever...


  1. SOOOOOOOOO jealous! I looks heavenly :D

  2. Ah yes...I have been bringing my boys to this secret treasure since Big B was quite little... just held a New Moon Circle there last week! It is probably my favorite place in our little town, with the Children's Garden a close second!! Let's go there together sometime!

  3. I remember having private little "non-touristy" beach spots when we lived in FL too!
    Shhh...keep them a secret!
    Love that you leave the shovels and buckets behind
    Enjoy the day

  4. We just went there , too! Maybe we'll bump into one another, next time. :)