Monday, February 8, 2010

Winter Squeeze!

for us Floridians... winter means a lot of things... crisper air, socks, really blue skies, and freshly squeezed orange juice! This time of year gives abundance to so many citrus fruits! It's fantastic! we hardly feel any sniffles thanks to all of the vitamin C consumed is unimaginable! Our trees are covered! We have perfect sweet typical oranges and ruby red grapefruit, which really we have to combine when we make juice since our orange is so sweet... we need a little bit of tart. and of course the typical grapefruit and my favorite our lemon tree! There are 9 beauties that are ready for picking!



and the final reward of all of the squeezing... deliciously perfect and oh so healthy!


and for dinner...

organic beef... seared then baked just a bit longer
and roasted organic root veggies
and shiitake mushrooms! hooray for winter specialties!


  1. oooh! I miss that fresh squeezed Florida orange juice! Looks so yummy! Miss you!