Thursday, January 14, 2010

it's not over until.....

about once or twice a week we have music night! it's so much fun and our girls look forward to it all day! once it's said that tonight we're going to have music night.... then it's all a giddy for the afternoon! As we prepare and cook our food... we get,,, now, how about now... when can we have music night!??


Once we have had our dinner and cleaned up everyone helping the girls gather our tidy cared for instruments from their room and line them up so particularly for everyone to choose from. Pappa and I usually get our instruments chosen for us... hee, hee. Then we choose some sort of music to play on the iPod.... tonight it was African Tribal and away we go...


the main goal here is to let you heart be light and feel the music! We always make sure to choose something where there is a good beat for us to clank away to and a lot of the times we just have Pappa strum his guitar for hours... while us girls play backup!


Cecilia seems to be quite intrigued by the xylophone ... she has now for quite some time. Always choosing that instrument and sitting so quietly and concentrating ... we think she's quite good!

so this is how we spend some of our evenings... I often wonder while we're jingling and clicking and singing and dancing about what the many neighbors are thinking as they take their dogs for a stroll past our home and have a peek in our windows... I hope they're thinking ... hmm... I would love to join them... maybe we can have an open mic night??...


  1. hey, thanks Kangaroo! it's fun but oh so hard to get them to bed after...hmm... oh well! maybe a bit of classical music to end things... could work? hahaha!