Thursday, January 14, 2010

all in a day.....

so many fun things happened yesterday.....

we have been waiting and waiting for our Christmas packages to arrive from Sweden... and at last we got a special delivery... It's always a fun time when we get packages or a special letter in the mail. I am still one that believes in all of the technology it is still so nice to get a hand written letter... it's getting to be a lost art form... some say... I say keep teaching our children to slow down a bit and buy them special stationery and a fountain pen... it's a beautiful thing... even at 3.

so I remember back through the years of dating and first being married... when our package would come from my husband's family for the holidays. There is always a calendar, a newspaper, some sort of literature to read, chocolates, presents, and Swedish coffee... mmmmm! Now I find our children looking forward to special things as well from far far away. Ohhh when that big ol' box is placed on the table... our little one runs for the opener and proudly excitedly hands it to Pappa... can we open it nowwww!


Then we place the packages about the house... everyone gets their own pile... then we usually brew some coffee and have the chocolates near.... then it's open time!!!


We also went to Selby Botanical Gardens for a bit. It was Little Sprouts day. Such fun... a nice little event the Gardens has once a month for the preschoolers. Isabelle has always loved it... all of the crafts dealing with nature and being amongst other little crafty nature sprouts... and now oh myyy, I am loving how our youngest is getting around with the other little sprouts. Tumbling and finding little bits to grasp so tightly between her thumb and index finger... I love how they so cleaverly find something and hold on to it so tightly, so proud...


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