Saturday, May 2, 2009

a spring in Sweden....

a tradition in Sweden has it... that the last day of April (day before MayDay) you take out all the dead winter branches and pile them high and burn them... saying good bye to the winter and hello to SPRING! at last!

a little picnic by the beach... we roasted some hotdogs and felt the sun on our cheeks as the wind chilled our bones!

I mean,,, can you stand it......!

Isabelle and her Farmor (Grandma) at the duck pond... feeding the ducks some of Belle's icecream cone...

There are soooooo many of these beautiful magnolia trees... different than the Florida kinds, don't you think...?

we might change her name to happy... always a little sunflower!

here we are in Chicago... on route to Copenhagen........

gosh, the weather here is lovely...

We were a little worried while packing this time to Sweden... with two little girls and one being a little baby. What to pack?? hmmm? all fleece, down snow suits, bikinis... you really never know. It's a little bit of a gamble. If you pack only summer clothes, usually it will be cold and rainy... so we played it rather safe and brought both seasons full of things. To our luck we have been wearing tank tops and shorts! yayayayay!!!

The skies are such a clear shade of blue... there are so many tulips and daffodils! I come from a place where the grocery store carries just a handful of varieties of tulips... just red, yellow, pink, and an occational multi red/yellow... so for me to see every color imaginable is quite something! I even saw today an almost BLACK tulip! I got pretty close and could see even a little shimmer to it! amazing! some tulips flare out on the tops some are ratty and punk!.. some are perfect and kiss at the tops... but all stand tall and strong to the winds that let them dance in the Swedish sun!

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