Saturday, May 9, 2009

hitting the city...

on the train we gooooo...
bike parking lot... how to find your bike... hmm?

cool toy store Belle LOVED!!!

the princess gave birth to a prince today... what a celebration!

such a cozy carrier!!!
my first time coming to Europe years ago.. this is the first thing I saw as we arrived in Copenhagen and then took a ship to Sweden.... memories

Tivoli amusement park!

can you believe she road this ALL BY HERSELF! she insisted!

It's fun to visit big cities... There is something about them that draws me...
Mattias is more small village, countryside living type and I always love the hum drum feel of a city but usually look forward to my quiet home at the end of an adventurous day! Our little girl Isabelle LOVES the city! She loves adventure and to watch people and point and ooh and ahh at different unusual things! I love how cities have so many things to offer... lots of different culture, cuisine, and art. I thing it's so fascinating how so many things take place many many years ago ... how many people have walked just where I walk... how many people have played the violin on this corner... in this corner's life? I love to feel the pace of the city but hide away to a quiet back street where you can find a cat and usually someone enjoying their cigarette in quiet. ahhhh big cities... which one to explore next....

We went to Copenhagen Denmark this day... it was beautiful! Very busy but very calm. Except for Amsterdam I have never seen so many bikes! We arrived morning rush hour... you would expect loads of honking cars and hustle and bustle ... but instead you hear brrrrring brrrrrring... bike bells... they have in Copenhagen as well as most Swedish towns, roads for cars then a patch of grass or sidewalk.. then a lane for bikes... then a lane for walking. In the winter months they even plow the ways. about 9am you cannot believe how many people speed by on their bicyles... wearing their black suits and exotic dresses, carrying thier briefcases in hand they rush to the grind of working life in Copenhagen! besides all of the bikers you see so many types of strollers... as well in Sweden. I have been thinking of making a show called "Pimp my Stroller!" From rain covers, to down blankets, to colors, to even lisence plates for strollers... and little toys they hang every which way... for people here some don't have cars... just strollers, and bikes... so they really deck them out!

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