Monday, April 6, 2009

Bunny Fun!

What a fun day! This is Grant and Belle and Cecilia.... the little sweet rascals! You will see a lot of Grant as they are pals! Grant's mother and I were pregnant together and these two were born 1 week apart! Grant's older. We have such fun with their family!
Here we are one morning having a paint Easter cards party! Ahh to dig you little fingers into paint again... takes me back. It's fun to let your child's imagination run free... I find myself sometimes wanting to help paint or cut something some way but I have to hold back and let her be creative. so here is the creative bunnies at work and baby Cecilia dreaming of the day to also paint...

Friday, April 3, 2009

How We Started...

This is a little way for me to reflect a bit on the love and joy of having two sweet little girls, all the fun we have and all the life it takes. It hit me the other day that our little one Cecilia has been in our lives for over 3 months... so fast! I don't want things to pass by without somehow documenting them either with photographs or with words... so here is our life being the Carlsson Family. here are our little girls...

Isabelle Rose Marie
3 years old
loves strawberries, running, swings, lollipops, painting, collecting seashells, and being a big sister!

Cecilia Noƫlle
3 months old
loves to smile, Mamma's milk, Pappa's raspberries, her paci, and her big sister's hugs!